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For the Midnight flag, see Spirit of the Game (flag).

The spirit of the game is a term taken from Clause 6.14 of the Terms of Service. It forbids players from engaging in activities that are contrary to the spirit of the game as defined by Three Rings. Violation of the spirit of the game can be a bannable offense, and it has been used as justification on at least one occasion to do so. That decision created substantial controversy.


6. Restrictions. You agree not to do any of the following prohibited actions:

14. engage in any behaviour that is contrary to the 'spirit of the game' as defined by Three Rings in its sole discretion. This includes the use of multiple characters or accounts to undermine or spy on competing parties, or to otherwise manipulate the game environment.

Terms of Service


Although the clause was at least mentioned by players on earlier occasions (the creation of Notorious Fandango[1], "But we're pirates!"[2]), the spirit of the game clause was largely under the radar in the minds of nearly all players until it was famously invoked in June 2005 by Cleaver and the Ocean Masters. The staff decided to "exile" Robertdonald for his abuse of various game mechanics, including those for blockades. This decision was controversial both on the game forums and in the gaming world at large [3]. It also created a minor forum fad [4].

Examples of violation

Although the final determination rests with Three Rings, engaging in any of the following may be considered violations of the spirit of the game:

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