Speed meter

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This article is about how quickly pirates can get a particular ship's speed to maximum. For the pirate, see Speed.

The speed meter (highlighted here in red) as seen while performing a duty puzzle.

The speed meter on a ship shows how fast the ship is going. Performing the sailing or rigging puzzle increases the speed, but a large amount of bilge water limits how fast a ship can go. Performing navigation will add a bonus to speed provided by the sailing and rigging puzzles.

The meter displays a relative percentage of full speed for each ship. Larger ships have a lower maximum speed than the smaller ones; for the most part there is a correlation between the maximum speed and the ship size class. All ships have equal minimum speeds of about 0.2 leagues per minute, or 1 league per 5 minutes.

The following table details ship maximum and minimum speeds. The percentage shown is the speed of that ship relative to that of a sloop:

Ship Name Min speed
Max speed
Size class
Sloop 5 1:00 (100%) Small
Cutter 5 1:00 (100%) Small
Dhow 5 1:00 (100%) Small
Fanchuan 5 1:00 (100%) Small
Longship 5 1:15 (80%) Medium
Baghlah 5 1:15 (80%) Medium
Merchant brig 5 1:15 (80%) Medium
War brig 5 1:15 (80%) Medium
Junk 5 1:25 (70%) Medium
Merchant galleon 5 1:40 (60%) Large
Xebec 5 1:40 (60%) Large
War frigate 5 1:40 (60%) Large
Grand frigate 5 1:40 (60%) Grand