Scourge of the Red Seas

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Scourge of the Red Seas was an Azure crew in Club Fantastico. Their name appears on the Emperor Island monument.

Monument Text

Scourge of the Red Seas sailed the Azure seas with aplomb and derring-do. They flew the flag Club Fantastico. These pirates were known to count themselves among their ranks:

Captain Heat
Senior officer Lee
Senior officer Rrasjante
Senior officer Saltybrine
Senior officer Wolfgang
Officer Beowulf
Officer Cronus
Officer Iamsparticus
Officer Syerik
Officer Taek
Pirate Chade
Pirate Gangster
Pirate Lazerninja
Pirate Oswald
Pirate Shortman
Pirate Tiffers
Pirate Tiveka
Pirate Whiteboy
Pirate Xypherous
Cabin person Redbarron