Rum 'n Blood D'Oh

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Rum 'n Blood D'Oh at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Janeera
Senior Officer(s) Arminius, Fizgig
Politics Autocratic
Shares Unknown
Flag Affiliation No Homers
Dormant or disbanded as of 14 January, 2006

Rum 'n Blood D'Oh was a crew on the Midnight Ocean and member of the flag No Homers.


Rum 'n Blood D'Oh was originally known as the crew Rum and Blood on the Azure Ocean, were it was captained by Tim. When the crew moved to Midnight, its name was modified to fit the theme of No Homers, and the captaincy was handed over to Siciliana, who later became queen the flag. A shared captaincy of Rum and Blood was handed over to Fizgig and Janeera in early 2005.

After an endless stream of blockades, including Luthien I and Gaea II, Rum 'n Blood D'Oh decided to head for some calmer waters when the Cobalt Ocean opened up.

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