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Roust was the captain of Sea Dragons and monarch of the flag Sea of Fire.

Tragically, the player behind this pirate passed away from a heart attack on October 21, 2006.

Contributions and Awards

  • Captain of Sea Dragons
  • Queen of Sea of Fire
  • Governor of Dendrite Island
  • Owner of Iron Fist
  • Owner of Brig Durham



Roust began playing Puzzle Pirates on May 8th or 9th, 2004, as the pirate Roustabout. She was a member of the crew Duckies, of the flag Northern Lights.


Roust moved to Cobalt the first day it opened - February 19th, 2005 - with some of her flagmates from Midnight. When Zarn founded Sea Dragons, and later Sea of Fire, Roust joined up right beside him as his first mate. After Zarn decided to "take a slower pace", as he put it, Roust became captain of Sea Dragons and monarch of Sea of Fire. She was also the owner of the shipbuilding shoppe Brig Durham on Terra Island.

Passing and Memorial Services

Roust served her crew and flag faithfully until October 21, 2006. Having been battling pneumonia for the past six weeks, certain complications resulted in a heart attack. Services were held Friday October 27, 2006, at the Greenwood Funeral Home (3100 White Settlement Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76107).

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