Release 2016-09-28

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Pillage and Plunder

From the Release Notes:
  • Pillaging update!
    • During pillages, players will now encounter new "greedy" brigands. Greedy brigands and barbarians are a special type of enemy brigand, who selfishly hoard bits of treasure for themselves. They appear randomly during the melee phase of a sea battle while pillaging, and are identifiable by their extravagant jewelry that they collect and hoard, such as gold eyepatches and flashy necklaces.
    • Players can win new treasure chests called "Lavish Lockers" by performing certain types of attacks in Swordfight and Rumble. More details on these mechanics are included on the Greedy brigand YPPedia page.
    • Lavish Lockers contain many new types of prizes, including a new familiar, a new pet, furniture items, a new Silver chroma, and special trinkets that can be traded in at the Trading Post.
    • Two new furniture designs and one new clothing design have been added to the Trading post in exchange for greedy trinkets. The trading post also now contains a new Greedy Purse artifact, which can be opened to grant pieces of eight to the owner.
    • Many new trophies have been added related to Greedy Brigands. These will need to be discovered!
    • Pillage payouts have been greatly increased with this update.