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Redbeard is currently an ex-retiree from Puzzle Pirates. He governed Admiral Island until March 11, 2006, at which time he handed the role back to Shodan.

He is known for saying what he thinks, which occasionally gets him into a spot of trouble.

Recently returned from a self-imposed exile, Redbeard has come back to the Sage Ocean with a goal of creating some waves and chaos in an ocean that he thought was becoming sterile and lifeless, but things happened and he is currently playing as a solo pirate once more. He started up a new flag, Mind Games and took back his crew Forget About It which had been under the superb supervision of Mads since his retirement. Upon going solo again, he returned the crew back to the capable hands of Mads, leaving the game once again shortly after.

In April 2010, after over 3 years of dormancy, Redbeard returned once again to Sage. No longer interested in captaincy, royalty or ownership, Redbeard joined up with his old friend Faldrok's crew with the sole aim of pillaging, puzzling and blockading. This lasted some 4 weeks, until Redbeard left the Ocean once again due to personal issues.

As at 14th July 2012, Redbeard can be found on the Emerald Ocean from time to time, swordfighting and playing poker, all thoughts of world domination wiped from his mind in favour of a quieter existence. He will always be pleased to chat to anyone about "the good old days", however!

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