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For the Midnight Ocean pirate, see Radar (pirate).

All player ships have a radar, the ability to detect other nearby ships that are sailing nearby. The radar shows all ships within a range of slightly less than a league, and also indicates the might ring colors of those ships. However, the radar does not indicate the type of ship, nor the type of opponent sailing it.

Using the radar

All ships nearby are shown on the radar.

Officers can access the radar by zooming in on the charting table or Yer known world map while at sea.

Astute pillagers will note it is easiest to find target brigands or players by watching the radar from the crow's nest (using the Ye known world map). Once a target has been found, close the map screen and attempt to engage the ship from the crow's nest. The radar can be viewed while outside of the crow's nest, however the visibility of the crow's nest makes radar more beneficial.

Using the radar is useful for avoiding engagements, memorization, cargo running or when attempting to return to port with valuable cargo such as Kraken's blood or Gold nuggets.

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