Quixotic Tangent

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Quixotic Tangent at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Ovon of Uh Oh
Member crew(s) Uh Oh
Founded 18 March, 2006
Dormant as of 10 January, 2007

Quixotic Tangent was a flag of the Sage Ocean. It was established on March 18th 2006 by Novo of Ascendo Tuum, Inanna of Pernix Adaeque Simius, Parliament and Foil of Orestes, and Scarymuffin of National Igloo.

Quixotic Tangent ceased operation in mid-January 2007, on the grounds that it had achieved its goals.

Public Statement

Everyone will know the name of the QT´s.

If you want to know our flag's external relations policies, please refer to everyone else's flag statements for a general idea of what is accepted and expected.

Quixotic: Caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; idealistic without regard to practicality.

Tangent: A sudden digression or change of course.

Quixotic Tangent: A random off shoot flag with possibly unreachable goals. We expect to explode on the scene and excel in every respect. We will accelerate through the ocean standings faster than Newtonian theories will allow. Everyone will know the name of the QTs.

Unofficial Mission Statement

We aim to lift Sage out of its stagnant state through positive means. That is, we are not out to target anyone in particular. Instead, we work to grow and mold raw Sage talent and labour to bring fun for everyone in the ocean through events and friendly competition.


Quixotic Tangent was co-founded by Novo, Inanna, Parliament, Scarymuffin and Foil on March 18, 2006. It began publishing Quixotic Times on April 12th, 2006.

On the 13th of May, at Admiral II, Quixotic Tangent became the first flag to successfully defeat Go with the Flow in 2 of the 5 rounds the blockade lasted. Previously, all blockades against Go with the Flow had ended in a 3-0 to the defenders. Quixotic Tangent successfully won Caravanserai Island on the 20th of May.

In mid-June, Inanna left the monarchy and formed the flag Candy Coated Chaos. On the 5th of July, Heracles took over the monarchy in the extended absence of Novo.

Quixotic Tangent successfully defended Caravanserai Island from Candy Coated Chaos on the 2nd of September. On the 8th of January, 2007, the flag transferred ownership of Caravanserai Island to Allied Saruyama Forces.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 13 May 2006 Admiral II Attacking Yes Go with the Flow vs. Quixotic Tangent 3:2 Didn't win island
2 20 May 2006 Caravanserai II Attacking Yes Hell's Wrath vs. Quixotic Tangent 0:3 Won island
3 2 September 2006 Caravanserai III Defending Yes Quixotic Tangent vs. Candy Coated Chaos 3:0 Defended island

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