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What Crew Is He In

Officerblue is an senior officer of the crew Twisted Syndicate.

Would Pirates Trust Him

He considers himself very trustful, and if he happens to forget anything, you should remind him. He will do his best to right the wrong. This is in his words so please do not take it from him, but ask around.

Which Ocean Does He Play On

He plays on the Cobalt Ocean, of the subscriber oceans. He also has a semi new player on the Crimson Ocean (Family ocean), so he can play with his sister and cousins.

His Views On Poker

Poker is not rigged and depends solely on luck and skill. If you keep getting horrible hands, it doesn't make sense to keep playing.

Should Pirates Pillage With Him

Yes. He may not look like it, but he is a good battle navigator, and knows the patterns of the opposing ships. There are always cases when he may make a mistake, but will usually make up for it. If you come on his pillages, you can rest assured that it will be worth your while.