No Limit

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No Limit at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Monarch Kingedwardo of kingedwardo killer
Member crew(s) kingedwardo killer, the sea haunters, Finding Nemo, Inner Core, Heartless Hearties, Denille Dionis
Dormant as of 20 October, 2006

No Limit was founded on the Hunter Ocean by Wayan of Skull Bashers on October 5, 2006. Kingedwardo was made monarch of the flag when Wayan and his crew left.

Public Statement

Welcome to No Limit

This is a new and rising flag. If u want to join us or ally with us then talk to one of our royals. Random Alliances are not appreciated. Royals and titles will be discussed before u join. We have full intention to BLOCKADE!!

Governing Body


  • Kingedwardo of 'kingedwardo killer'


  • Coolnemo of 'Finding Nemo'
  • Deadfalcon of 'the sea haunters'
  • Geode of 'Inner Core'
  • Wael of 'kingedwardo killer'

Titled Members:

  • Brookers of 'the sea haunters'
  • Girlcaptain of 'kingedwardo killer'
  • Kingofthewar of 'kingedwardo killer'
  • Ragnarak of 'Inner Core'