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Nayfin is the senior officer of the crew Truth be Told and a member of the flag Antheas on the Viridian Ocean. He is also senior officer and flirt of the crew Jigsaw and the king of the flag Adrenaline on the Malachite Ocean.


Nayfin showed up on Viridian August 2009 in the crew Truth be Told which was part of the flag Antheas at the time. A short time after they moved to the flag Art of War where Nayfin was made king. He took a small break and when he returned he joined the flag Veritas vos Liberatas, with his good friend Mistakemker where he was made Prince and was a key figure in taking Polaris. After a short while Veritas los Liberatas they disbanded the flag. He then joined Justinmickey and formed Good Grief but after disagreeing on several things left Good Grief and headed to Malachite Ocean with Thyleader and Crazyfists.

On Malachite they built up a fleet and prepared for a blockade. After a short time all three of them stopped playing as much and it was hard for them to accomplish what they had planned, so after a short break Nayfin headed back to Viridian Ocean. He was still in the crew Truth be Told which was still part of the flag Art of War. Tired of being alone in Truth be Told Nayfin headed to Brutality where his old hearties Barbacafe and Sonny were. He was made a lord of Antheas a little while later. After an argument Brutality left Antheas and headed to United we Stand where Nayfin was made a lord.





Nayfin has navigated or admiraled in the following blockades: