Moros de Mindanao (defunct)

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Moros de Mindanao at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Akumu of Black Plague
Member crew(s)
Dormant or disbanded as of 1 December, 2005

The Viridian Ocean flag Moros de Mindanao was formed as some members of the crew Black Plague left to form their own crews, with Akumu as monarch. With some discussion, the name Moros de Mindanao (often shortened to MdM) was proposed by Freeze, a senior officer and founding member of Black Plague. Other early crews include Brotherhood of Steel, Cabin Fever, The Error Empire, and Yellow Fever.

Moros de Mindanao was considered the dominant flag of early Viridian. They fought a somewhat significant war with Pirates Gone Wild. They won the first blockade in the Viridian Ocean, taking and colonizing Olive Island.

After taking Olive, internal arguments (chiefly over how the island was being run) led to several crews, including Cabin Fever and Brotherhood of Steel, leaving the flag. Eventually MdM fell apart completely, despite an attempt by Peef of The Error Empire to revive it.

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