Moo Shine

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Moo Shine
Left-facing Distillery Bazaar on
Eieio Island (Nenya Archipelago)
Ice Ocean
Owner Zarchi
Erected June 2005
Building-Ice-Moo Shine.png

Moo Shine is the distillery bazaar on Eieio Island on the Ice Ocean. The walls are painted in Tubic's (the former owner) favorite colors, aqua and white, after a request from Salti that the former colors (yellow and green) looked disgusting. Tubic obtained the deed to the building by confronting Johnw (the former owner), and saying that the colors were horrible. Johnw gave Tubic the deed with the quote "Change the colours yourself", and so Tubic did.

The building is now owned by Zarchi.

The News

In the time when the distillery was owned by Tubic, the building's news consisted of many different aspects. There was a Special Offer of the Day. This was normally is stuff like: Talk to Tubic and get 1 Pieces of Eight!!. Or : Guess ........ and win 300 Pieces of Eight!!! The news also had the feature Colours of the Week! The list of colors of the week is noted further down in this article. You were then faced with some facts about Tubic's pets in green font. This simply talked about Tubic's seven pets. See Tubic. Finally you come upon some random sentences which include : HEYYYYYYYYY : and : Distillery's Foreva <3!! In nice blue font.

Now, however, the building news is a simple welcome.

Colors of the week

  • 08/02/10 - 14/02/10 Week 1 : Aqua and White
  • 15/02/10 - 21/02/10 Week 2 :
  • 22/02/10 - 28/02/10 Week 3 :
  • 01/03/10 - 07/03/10 Week 4 :

The colors of the week determined the paint of the wall that week (during Tubic's ownership of the building). The first color represented the building's borders and the second color was the main walls.

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