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Familiars Won
Triple Sec

Current Rank

Icon senior officer.png Senior Officer
Navy Rank

Margaritaq is a pirate on the Viridian Ocean. She is currently senior officer and drunk of the crew Illiad and member of the flag Legacy.

Margaritaq enjoys collecting renamed ships, winning familiar tournaments and making a living off carpentry. She has won 9 Ultimate trophies and 2 #1 trophies.

Renamed Ships

  • Absolute Zero
  • Beautiful Butterfly
  • Beautiful Sunrise
  • Big Boy
  • Big Rig
  • Black Cat
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Day Dreamer
  • Dazed and Confused
  • Dusky Hue
  • Escaped Convict
  • Exquisite Rainbow
  • HMS Beagle
  • HMS Pinafore
  • Ice Age
  • Mystical Chimera
  • Pretty Boy
  • Prime Minister
  • Red Alert
  • Roman Emperor
  • Sweet Angel
  • Unknown Soldier
  • Unwanted Rubbish

Familiars Won

  • Tan-Lime parrot, called Lime, won in a duty navigation competition.
  • Tan monkey, called Lemon, won in a carpentry competition.
  • Red moneky, called Tequila, won in a carpentry comeptition.
  • Orange octapus, called Triple Sec, won in a pentathalon (sails, bilge, duty navigation, gunnary, carpentry) competition.
  • Purple-Lavender parrot won in a carpentry bake-off.
  • Copper monkey won in a gunnary competition.
  • Copper monkey won in a carpentry / shipwrightry competition.

Carpentry Tokens to Trophies

Margaritaq is currently counting her incredible tokens to see how much longer it will take from her to get from Towers of Carpentry to Spires of Carpentry. 500+ screenshots of tokens and she is still not there yet.

So far, Margaritaq, has achieved these related Carpentry trophies:

  • #1 Carpenter
  • Seal of the Hammer
  • Towers of Wood
  • Ultimate Carpenter
  • Oaken Token of Carpentry
  • Pillars of Carpentry
  • Seal of Carpentry
  • Wooden Stair
  • Broad Carpenter
  • Expert Carpenter
  • Sublime Carpenter
  • Revered Carpenter

Shoppes and Stalls