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Minxbit is sometimes also known as Invidia. A name change from Invidia to MinxBit occurred in late 2017.


Invidia/MinxBit is a pirate that makes an appearance on all doubloon oceans. She however spends most of her time on Emerald and Obsidian. She began playing in early 2010 and is still an active pirate up to this day.

Current Crew:The Queen's Rifles

Current Flag:The King's Navy


Invidia started her life on Hunter in early 2010. After building her stats she founded the crew Forbidden Desires, she then joined her crew to the flag Hazards of Death which she has recently become the monarch of.

Then in early 2011 tragedy struck when Invidia was betrayed by one of her senior officers and her crew was merged behind her back. She is now a senior officer in Avius Anima.


Invidia began her time on the Sage ocean in late 2010. Soon after she joined the crew Man on the Moon under the captaincy of Moonjacker. She soon atained the rank of fleet officer, after having problems with a senior officer of the crew demoting her to cabin person, Invidia chose to leave the crew.

She soon joined a new crew The Perky Pirates under the control of Juicyduffsta. She is now ranked fleet officer in this crew.

In early 2011, The Perky Pirates crew became inactive and Invidia chose to move on to a new crew Athens Myst where she is now an officer.


After the merge of Hunter and Sage, the Emerald Ocean was the result. The Invidia from Hunter kept her name and again moved crews. Joining Royal Assassins Brigade as a senior officer.

Real life soon began to get in the way of her time on Puzzle Pirates and Invidia chose to take some time off. Returning in late 2017 she found herself crew less and soon joined The Queen's Rifles. Here she rose through the ranks to become a senior officer.

It was not long after this that Invidia changed her name to Minxbit.


Minxbit joined the Obsidian ocean with the early release of Dark Seas. She is currently an officer in the crew Suspicious Activity flying the flag of Nothing to Sea Here.


It is well known that Invidia as a milb obsession with collecting ships - Look below to see what she currently owns.

  Type Name Ocean
Sloop dock.png  Sloop Acedia Hunter
Sloop dock.png  Sloop Fury Hunter
Harvest class sloop dock.png  Harvest class sloop Autumn Hunter
Rogue class sloop dock.png  Rogue class sloop Darkness Hunter
Frost class sloop dock.png  Frost class sloop Frost Bite Hunter
Phantom class sloop dock.png  Phantom class sloop Phantom Hunter
Cutter dock.png  Cutter Cupidity Hunter
Frost class longship dock.png   Frost class longship Snowy Mummichog Hunter
Fortune class junk dock.png  Fortune class junk Glorious Mako Hunter