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Impeccable at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Truc
Senior Officer(s) Keiser, Roughdiamond
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Rabidus Canis
Founded 11 January, 2006
Last updated on 19 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info

Impeccable is a crew on the Meridian Ocean which was founded on January 11, 2006.

Public Statement

Welcome everyone to the crew Impeccable, probably the best crew u can have (i hope). We are all like one big family and everyone is welcome!

The rules to progress in the crew :

IMPORTANT - NEVER leave the vessel during battle. If you leave, it affects out chances of winning, and is very bad practise. So if you have to leave, go when sailing normally or after a swordfight. If you're not sure about what we mean, or if it's safe to leave, ask an officer or the captain!

In the absence of captain Truc, RoughDiamond (Firstmate & captain's wife) is in charge of the crew.

1°) to join crew as full member, just ask !

2°) work otherwise be planked

3) do not change station without permission

4°) to be pirate : at least 1 skill at broad in piracy (excluding SF, rumble and TH) , and at least Narrow in gunnery

5°) to be officer : 3 solids, one of which must be in gunnery, Broad experience in bnav, and ye must have a vessel

6°) be true and loyal to the crew and... pillage well........ or be demoted or expelled if ye misbehave.

7) No Shouting on Ships or ANY of the crew Chats, This Includes spamming.

8) no selling, trading or playing other games when ye should be working

9) No-one should gun unless ordered to by the Officer In Charge (OIC) or Executive Officer (XO) - crewmates must take orders from the XO on all pillages

10) All crew must read the crew issues page every day.

Crew stalls: Truc's shipbuilding on Dragon's Nest, , Truc's Ironmongers on Kirin

Signed: Captain Truc