ImPenDinG InSAnity

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ImPenDing InsANity at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Poat
Senior Officer(s) Fangbo, Raynestorm, Soulofdoom
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Vanity Rising
Founded 21 May, 2008
Last updated on 19 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info
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ImPenDinG InSAnity is a crew on the Meridian Ocean, founding crew of the flag Vanity Rising. The crew was founded on May 21, 2008. They are Imperials of Illustrious fame.

Crew Information

***We are Upon the brink of Insanity!***
**Let them remember us by name...**

A crew of insanity, leading from the heat of burn! Impending on the will to succeed, right from the very start. A dream of loneliness, where nowhere was left to turn. The need to tell every soul that we are of the heart!

There are two things about Impending Insanity of Viridian Ocean...

  1. We are who we are! We are polite in terms of that we will not back down in a fight! But We are not insulting, nor will we go out of our way to tear someone down, in the name of our crew.
  2. If you truly do not want to be here, the door, is open. We accept everyone...

For those who do not know... Impending Insanity started with the heart and will end with heart. It is love for within, friendship and common care of all the members. We will reach out and take you into our warm crew, and will hold you if you need a hand.

But if you mess with us, expect a crew of HIGHLY upset pirates.

Our goals are to succeed together, and to make this a fun, exciting and worthy experience for us all.

Public Statement

The Joy of Moving on.. Is doing so together*

If you are not having fun, Then this is a stupid hobby to have* ( Fm Praxair )

Please Remember, this is OUR crew. Please take Pride in it... Please Take care of it, like its yours.

Who are we? A group of people who love to have fun, and get out there with the rest of them. We are a very diverse crew. We pillage, we party, we laugh ALOT! But we are still just us at the end of the nite, and we love that.

This Crew Can and will be PG13 ++ Since ALOT of us are adults. Im sorry if you take offence to that, and we will try to keep it clean while you are jobbing, But sometimes booches happen, or A joke might come out. Feel free to joke back with us while your here, if youd like.

Everyone Is Invited to join us, wheather full, or jobbing. No matter what. Impending insanity was built as a home to those that just Dont fit in anywhere else. We are accepting , and friendly. If there comes a point where youd like to join us, look for an officer in the crew.

  • ~*~*~*~*~* Impending Insanity*~*~*~*~*~*

Promotion Requirements

Cabin persons: Only those that truly have one sole purpose. Since we are Jobber's Delight, there won't be many.

Pirates: Anyone who joins... PIRATES are NOT allowed to gun on ANY ship, unless directed to by the OIC ( officer in charge )

Officer: To become an officer, you have to take a test by a S.O or the Captain. Usually based on what will be instructed to you at the time. In this crew, even if you are an #1 piracy pirate on Sage, you HAVE to take the officer test just show us you can do it and there will be no problems.

Note: To be Officer, we ask that you have patience, and do not beg. Begging does not work in this crew .

Things to look for:

  • Broad Bnav... and possibly a Distinguished or higher.
  • At least Narrow in ALL the major piracy skills, i.e. Sails, Rigging, Carp and Bilge.
  • A want to Bnav/pillage with or without your own boat (that doesn't matter here).

F.O , or Fleet Officer: This rank will be given to those that show themselves as people who are of the crew, for the crew and showing themselves as a true crewmate. Only the S.O and Captain may decide who is eligible to become a F.O, and all votes to be made F.O will be done so accordingly. Also, begging DOES NOT WORK. Stats are not required for someone to be F.O, but they do need to provide Officer tests.

S.O, or Senior Officer: There has to be no reason. S.O.'s in Impending Insanity will act as Captain when Poat is not around. To become a S.O the captain expects total crew loyalty and showing a sign that what the crew offers you, you offer in return. The choice for S.O is only made by the Captain.