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For the pirate Hurricane, see Hurricane (pirate).
Hurricane at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Edwardteach of Black Beard's Ghost
Member crew(s) Black Beard's Ghost, Black Horizon-West, Category Five, Midnight Marauders-West, Nautical Born Killers
Founded 28 May, 2005
Dormant as of 24 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info

Hurricane is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean, founded May 28, 2005 on Cobalt.


The flag was founded by Bnavver (Drjekyll of the Midnight Ocean), and quickly drew many of its founding members the same way. The flag motto says, "Winds howling, waves crashing, black clouds fill the sky. Enemies beware! If ye happen to see a Hurricane flag a wavin', ye can kiss yer arse goodbye!!!"


With Bnavver at the helm and Gunner behind him, Hurricane helped Dragon's Fury maintain their island by blockading Terra Island in a controlled blockade with Dragon's Fury's assistance. As owners of Terra, Hurricane helped its growth with the placement of the shack and other housing, several of it's first bazaars and first shoppes. Terra was later taken from Hurricane by a flag founded by a crew that spun-off from Hurricane's founding crew, Black Horizon. On 2 June, 2006 Bnavver stepped down as monarch allowing Aarghbird to step up and begin the next chapter in the flag's future. In December 2006, Aarghbird left the flag for undisclosed reasons and Bnavver regained the monarchy. In March 2007, Edwardteach became the new monarch. The monarchy was passed to Berlinetta in June 2007.

Past monarchs

  • Bnavver, Founder
  • Aarghbird, June 2006
  • Bnavver, December 2006
  • Edwardteach, March 2007

Public statement

From the outside, we seem a chaotic force of nature; inside we enjoy a place of good fun shared by flagmates and allies alike.

Extended public statement

Good Times, Good Friends, Good Fun.

We value loyalty and honesty.

We change a lot, past and present mates remain our friends. We welcome all and are known to train many of the great mates out there (in our flag, as well as in others).

If yer new, then this is the place to get your 'attitude' known. If yer a salty dawg, then this is the place to share your 'attitude'.

Whether you stay or not, we definitely have a fun and exciting challenge, at all times. Many of our mates move on, many stay and help train the new faces.

We only ask that you are of the mature nature and willing to operate as a team. Give as much as you take, and you have our heart.

Huggles to ye all!!!

Hurricane banner

The Hurricane banner was fashioned by Emberlynn, a past flaggie, as part of a hobby. At the very top, the flag name, Hurricane, is printed. Black runs along the top of the banner, symbolizing the darkening of the sky with the coming of a hurricane. Red runs along the bottom half of the banner to represent the sea running red with the blood of their enemies. The two axes on the sides show constant defense, and the two dragons beside them show great strength and wisdom. In the middle is the Japanese word for freedom.

Fashioned by Emberlynn of the Cobalt Ocean for use by flag Hurricane only.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 6 August 2005 Terra I Attacking Yes none vs. Hurricane, Dragon's Fury 0:0:3 Didn't win island
2 17 September 2005 Terra III Attacking No Dragon's Fury vs. Hurricane 0:3 Won island
3 28 January 2006 Terra IV Defending No Hurricane vs. Imperial Margarine 0:3 Lost island
4 25 November 2006 Viridis VI Attacking Yes Imperial Margarine vs. Hurricane 0:3 Won island
5 25 November 2006 Olive IV Attacking Yes Imperial Margarine vs. Hurricane 0:3 Won island
6 11 March 2007 Viridis VII Defending No Hurricane vs. What The Falchion 0:3 Lost island
7 29 September 2007 Olive V Defending Yes Hurricane vs. The Enlightened 1:3 Lost island
8 26 January 2008 Olive VI Attacking Yes The Enlightened vs. Unforgivable, Oceanus Expeditus, Hurricane 3:0:0:0 Didn't win island