Hatter-Eater Lad

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Hatter-Eater Lad
Right-facing Tailor (upgraded) on
Barbary Island (Ibis Archipelago)
Emerald Ocean
Owner Ynahteb
Manager(s) Tilinka, Haiku, Kaiho
Erected November 2008
Building-Emerald-Hatter-Eater Lad.png

Hatter-Eater Lad is a tailor shoppe on Barbary Island on the Emerald Ocean. Its name comes from comic book superhero Matter-Eater Lad. It was given to Ynahteb for her birthday and is the Perilous Puppets' second tailor shoppe. It specializes in bright and colorful male clothing. The crew's first shoppe, Fit on My Fez on Bowditch, specializes in bright and colorful female clothing.

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