Grand Crafting Puzzle Project

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The Grand Crafting Puzzle Project was an effort by Three Rings to allow players to create and develop thorough proposals for new puzzle games, specifically for those crafts which did not yet have an associated puzzle. The GCPP started on August, 2006, and was announced as being over (for now) back in April, 2012.

Announcement and Thread Links

Express your Interest

A sign-up page has been created to allow people to express their interest in helping with the project in various capacities. Go there and let people know you want to help!

Signing up on that page is not a guarantee you'll get to do what you've signed up for, and not signing up doesn't disqualify you from submitting ideas or helping out later. It's just a way to organize people and gauge support.

Process for Entries

  • Use the proper naming convention as shown in the template "GCPP:Proposal-(Fishname)". Fishnames should be chosen from this list.
  • Discussion of the Crafting Puzzle Design will mainly occur within the thread but may also occur in the Talk Space of the proposal's YPPedia page.
  • Selection Process to be determined. Top Puzzle Designs will be prototyped on Game Gardens.

Wiki formatting

The wiki uses special formatting. Here are a few links that might be useful for editing your proposal:

If you can't figure something out, just ask for help on your proposal's discussion page (also known as its talk page) and someone will help you out.


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