Gaelic Legion

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Gaelic Legion at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Froni
Senior Officer(s) None
Organization Once Kevmarada becomes more active, he is captain again
Politics Democratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Independent
Founded 4 November, 2007
Last updated on 17 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Gaelic Legion is a crew on the Meridian Ocean. It was founded on the 4th of November 2007, by Kevmarada and Aluzal.

Public Statement

Ahoy! Welcome to Gaelic Legion!New members are welcome with a smile on our face. Our promise is Friendlyness and Fairness :)

Extended Public Statement

We are a semi-irish crew so,"Beatha agus Slainte!" ( good wishes and good health)

All contributions to crew should be put in the hold of Easy Sprat on harmatten island and they will be displayed every saturday on issues

Aluzal and I are power sharing all questions can be directed either toward Aluzal or I.

My promise is that everytime ye logs in, ye will here an, " Ahoy!" from me and hopefully from all the other Fleet Officers or over. =) I want yer stay to be pleasant in the crew and for ye to stay as long as ye can =)

THIS IS THE "Gaelic Legion"

New Members are always welcome

>>>We have simple rules<<<

Respect all members of the crew and you are welcome

Crew Articles


  1. To Officers who go pillaging: Never leave the ship when you are in pillage, or abandon someone else's ship on an uninhabited island. If you do this you are expelled from the crew.
  2. Respect the Officer in charge.
  3. Always tell to the crew, when you start a pillage, for all members go aboard the ship.
  4. Always restock the ship in the end of the pillage. If the owner of the vessel you're pillaging on doesn't have a restock list use the one in the public statement.
  5. Never take charts and money from vessels, without the captain's permission. If you are the officer in charge, in the end of the pillage and after restock the ship, you can take the money.

Cabin Persons & Pirates

  1. Respect all the Officers
  2. Make good work, you can be paid for this and you can be an Officer.

Jobbing Pirates

  1. Respect all the Officers
  2. Work well and you can join this crew.
  3. If you want to join this crew, ask a Officer or a Captain if you can join.

Promotions and the Officer Program

Open to all pirates in good standing (active, no behavior issues, etc.)

Pirates must be in crew for a minimum or two weeks and must have an FO+ as a mentor. An Officer could serve as a mentor if the captain agrees.

Piracy Requirements: Broad+ in Carp, Sails, Bilge, Guns, Dnav Respected+ in 3 of the five. (some exceptions can be granted if other stats are high enough)

An FO+(maybe SO only?) will conduct a Bnav test to determine if the Pirate has sufficient Bnav knowledge to become an Officer. Also, this should serve as a test to see how well the Officer-in-Training handles jobbers. The FO+ conducting the test should serve merely as a jobber and will provide an evaluation at the end of the pillage.

NOTE: All FOs should always be working with at least one Pirate/current Officer to improve bnav and ability to coordinate pillages as a mentor. Officers working to obtain an FO rank should have completed all Officer requirements and upon the Captain's discretion, serve as a mentor.

To become an FO, the Officer must exhibit maturity when conducting a pillage. They must be recommended by at least two higher ranking officers before being considered. Ship ownership is also required.

Promotion to SO is solely on basis of trust from the Captain and other SOs.