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Foreveryoung is a current senior officer of the crew Skull Bashers and member of the flag Beyond the veil. He plays mainly in the Hunter Ocean, but visits other oceans by the same name

Early days

Foreveryoung started his piracy career on the Hunter Ocean. He crew-hopped a lot in the early days, looking for an active pillaging crew to make more PoE. It was then Foreveryoung met Wayan, charmed by his personality and vision for his crew, Foreveryoung finally settled down.

Skull Bashers' days

It was here, in Skull Bashers, where Foreveryoung grew and matured. Making mistakes along the way too, which he learnt from. In Skull Bashers, Foreveryoung met many of his trusted friends, such as Cairna, Wayan, Megadumbo, Spysnaky, Cinquains, Yummym, Soapsuds,Maddyret ,Ramzi and Shinnj, who he invited to join Skull Bashers.

Foreveryoung left Skull Bashers for a short period of time, disillusioned with Wayan who wanted to sell the Skull Bashers, and stayed in Dominance for some time before returning when Wayan left the game.

Upon his return, Foreveryoung then met some of his new and trusted friends like Ibka, Mtclimber, Jopee, Skittlemiss, Sonye.

Tycooning days

At the peak of his empire, Foreveryoung owned two iron mongers, a distillery, an apothecary, a weavery, a tailor and a furnisher, but he had to close them down due to real life reasons.

Now his life is settled again, he owns the Bash 'n Sash tailor shoppe on Alkaid Island and has been offered a manager's position at the Chimp Juice on Alkaid Island due to his superb distilling skills.