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Emeraldeyes is a pirate on the Sage Ocean.


  • Senior Officer of the dubliners
  • Owns:
    • Forecastle Furnisher on Scrimshaw Island
    • Emerald Isle Spinners on Scrimshaw Island
    • Sea My Knickers on Scrimshaw Island
    • Emerald Empress Emporium on Barbary Island
    • The Princess Brig on Admiral Island
    • Wonder Wear on Barbary Island
    • St Elmo's Shipworks on Scrimshaw Island
    • When Irish Balls are Smiling on Caravanserai Island
    • Loomerang on Barbary Island
    • Girls Just Want To Have Frigs on Caravanserai Island
    • Davy Jones' Lacquer on Scrimshaw Island
    • Viva La Rum on Caravanserai Island
  • Manages:
    • Ocean's Potions on Caravanserai Island
    • Fat Bottom Frigs on Caravanserai Island
    • Balls to Broadside on Scrimshaw Island
    • Anchor of Guinness on Scrimshaw Island
    • Universally Friging on Caravanserai Island

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