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Eleventy at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Monarch None
Member crew(s) Dark Hunters, Hawt Mess
Founded 25 May, 2008
dormant as of 24 February, 2012

Eleventy is a dormant flag originally founded by Gooblenka and Deutschy and the small crew they ran, Le Crew (originally named Right in Two). They were soon joined by close hearties and friends.

Public Statement

Good day to you!

Extended Public Statement

And now people in Cobalt this is just for you

A little rap to make you boogaloo

Now the group ya see is called Eleventy

And let me tell ya somethin we're a sight to see

Frequently we're in the sea

Just a-cuttin' the jokes and making it look easy

Our name appears in your mind

Yeah, a name you know that was right on time

It was Eleventy just a doin a do

Rockin ya down cause ya know we could


Shortly after creation, three small crews joined the flag: Bellies of Yellow, headed by Yellabelly; Pirates at the Disco headed by Prosperity; and One, headed by Fonshizzle. These crews were shortly followed by the joining of The Bane of Cobalt, headed by Omshateme, and Idiot Savants, headed by Ritualist. The addition of these crews more than doubled the flag's previous membership.

During this time, Deutschy had left Le Crew and formed his own crew, Hawt Mess, with his sister and friend, Lumarian. This crew subsequently joined the flag too, but Deutschy later returned to Le Crew when his sister quit the game, leaving his many alts in Hawt Mess. Shortly after the Tigerleaf VIII blockade, the main crews in Twisted consisting of Play Things and Berserkers decided to merge into Eleventy to pursue their future endeavors.

The flag then grew to include many crews which have come and gone. Some of the crews that are presently or have been in Eleventy include:


Eleventy is allied with the flag run by Gooblenka's sister and her boyfriend; Orectic and Equivocal. They are friends with many from the flag and are honorary flag members. Eleventy has several close friends of the flag who they consider a part of their flag, even if they do not currently reside in the flag. These include Orectic, Equivocal, Zandien and others. Eleventy is also allied with Toxicated's flag That's What She Said after he decided to branch off to start his own flag.

Eleventy is quick to declare war on flags, for various reasons. They return declarations of war, as many of its officers are hungry for PvP encounters, and believe that sinking only adds to the fun. However, Eleventy will not return declarations of war from alt flags, as they believe this a lame way to avoid the consequences of war.


Eleventy has been in numerous blockades with the majority of them occurring on Tigerleaf Mountain. Dendrite was defended twice successfully against a flag of alts called Uncertainty.

Tigerleaf V

On the weekend of August 14th, 2008, Eleventy declared their intent to blockade Tigerleaf Mountain against What The Falchion. Being significantly outjobbed, What The Falchion won easily in 3 rounds.

Eleventy's Intent Post for Tigerleaf V

The Seven Deadly Sins

After a few months of inactivity, Eleventy decided to pursue Tigerleaf Mountain again, but this time in a fashion that few have done before. The idea was to create a theme for people to figure out as the weeks went by. The theme was "7 Deadly Sins" where each week would consist of a different deadly sin and what happened that week would correlate to the theme. The plan was to never go through with the full seven sins, but to attack for full force on the fifth or sixth week. The plan was for people to eventually figure out the theme and assume the last week would be the blockade of Tigerleaf, and to catch the island owners off-guard. Here is a recap of the history of this plan from week one:

Week One - Sloth aka Tigerleaf VI

In the first week, Eleventy declared their intent to blockade Tigerleaf Mountain with a warchest dropped to blockade on November 8th, 2009. When the blockade started, Eleventy fielded two sloops that were eventually sunk in the first round. Castor decided to end the blockade after one round when no more Eleventy ships were going to attack. The theme of sloth was achieved by showing a lackluster attack at the blockade.

Week Two - Lust

In the second week, an intent post with the title "Intent to Have Fun at Tigerleaf" was posted in Cobalt Parley. The title of the thread was intentionally ambiguous to leave people guessing as what was to come. The theme for this week was Lust and was achieved by a Grand Frigate being decorated in lots of Red, Magenta, Pink, and Rose. On the day of the event, there were many tourneys of each type, a fashion contest, and raffle for prizes. By this time, nobody had caught onto the theme just yet, but it was soon to be discovered.

Week Three - Greed

In the third week is when people had started to figure out the theme. The thread was titled "Intent to shoot up a bunch of ships at Tigerleaf Mountain" and was initially posted in Cobalt Parley, but was later moved to Cobalt Events after the event was announced on Friday. In the thread, Jedi was the first person to figure out the "7 Deadly Sins" theme publicly and was later confirmed by other people in the thread. This week consisted of a Treasure Ship that set sail from Tigerleaf Mountain for 4 leagues to Fintan. The theme of greed was achieved because of the ship being loaded with more than 500k worth of commods and was open for anybody to attack at the time of departure. A tournament ensued after with the amount of the pot based on the different challenges that were achieved by players during these battles.

Week Four - Glutton

In the 4th week, there was no real action as it was Thanksgiving weekend and realized a good majority of the players would be away for the holidays. The title of the thread was "Intent to Take a Break from Tigerleaf" and was posted in Cobalt Parley.

Week Five - Tigerleaf VII

After weeks of posting of Intents by Eleventy, Flaming Rosebud had decided to blockade Tigerleaf Mountain. Eleventy fielded a brig during the blockade, but decided not to drop a warchest. Flaming Rosebud beat The Art of War in 3 non-sinking rounds.

Week Six - Wrath aka Tigerleaf VIII

In the final week of the themed attack, Eleventy dropped a warchest and went full force to win Tigerleaf Mountain. The theme was intent on delivering Wrath in the form of cannonballs and sunken ships. In three rounds of good fighting, Eleventy decisively won Tigerleaf Mountain in 3 sinking rounds to claim their first island.

Dendrite VI

While not contested most of the blockade, Eleventy won the blockade easily in 3 short rounds against Uncertainty.

Dendrite VII

In an OM shortened blockade, Eleventy won the blockade in 1 round in a mostly no-show blockade where Uncertainty came in with a Brig and a sloop.

Tigerleaf IX

In a highly contested blockade against Art of War, Eleventy pulled out a win in three rounds to defend the island. With jobbing fairly equal, the blockade was won on the blockade board.

Eleventy Intent Thread

Blockades at a Glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 15 August 2008 Tigerleaf V Attacking No What The Falchion vs. Eleventy 3:0 Didn't win island
2 8 November 2008 Tigerleaf VI Attacking No The Art of War vs. Eleventy 1:0 Didn't win island
3 13 December 2008 Tigerleaf VIII Attacking Yes Flaming Rosebud vs. Eleventy 0:3 Won island
4 27 June 2009 Dendrite VI Defending Yes Eleventy vs. Uncertainty 3:0 Defended island
5 4 July 2009 Dendrite VII Defending Yes Eleventy vs. Uncertainty 1:0 Defended island
6 11 July 2009 Tigerleaf IX Defending Yes Eleventy vs. The Art of War 3:0 Defended island