Dream Catchers (Emerald)

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Dream Catchers at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Pegasiswolf
Senior Officer(s) Akash, Austarr, Beccajo, Crazysback, Darxe, Donskelator, Drenn, Elspethe, Honeybare, Lakotap, Lovelylass, Lm, Monkeykong, Nightingale, Slee, Suzyq, Tsuker
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Fleet of Dreams
Founded 1 April, 2007
Last updated on 3 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Dream Catchers is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean and was founded in the year 2007 on April 1st. Before the ocean merge, it existed on the Sage Ocean.

Public statement

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe!

We have many dreams... A crew that is large and stompy yet retains the feeling of being a family... A place where you can feel welcome, and know you are treated fairly... Where you have strong leaders available to help you learn and advance... Feel confident you can ask for and receive any help you need :)

We run Elite Pillages, Training Pillages, Recruiting Pillages, and plenty of just plain fun ones...

Tale of the Dreamers

Pegasiswolf had a dream. Her vision was of a crew that welcomed all pirates just as they are, helping them to grow and gain knowledge of the puzzle pirate ways. She wanted to create a family where the more experienced pirates would be role models to the new, where being an officer was not just a word to be shown off but a responsibility to help and be a role model. So her, and some of her closest hearties rallied one day to create such a dream crew, and on the 1st of April 2007 her dream was born and Dream Catchers emerged to conquer great things.

Dream Catchers strives to accommodate every level of player, conducting both elite and training pillages. "A place where everyone can fit in". Dream Catchers is proof that you dont need an elitist mentality to have a top crew.and you dont have to send greenies off to the navy until they are 'good enough' to go on a pillage. We also make sure that ALL of our officers receive a complete and thorough training before being promoted to such a level of responsibility. We make sure each Officer knows how to run a pillage (not just how to restock and click sail). We also go over our values and the temperment that we look for in our leaders. This way, all of our officers are not only on the same page, but also have the skills and confidence to be able to "LEAD" others. We have also accumulated some of the best videos and tutorials on the various puzzles so that any crew member that would like to improve their skills, has the tools readily available. Dream Catchers also has a 'No Drama' rule. Bickering and fussing leads to controversy which can lead to a crew falling apart. The captain and her senior officers step in whenever a pirate creates a disturbance and quickly defuses the situation so as to keep the family atmosphere they all strived to create. This is a game, and as such, should be kept light and fun!

Pegasiswolf says "I honestly believe that a gentle helping hand achieves better results". She says that if you show confidence in people they will strive to "prove your faith is justified". Another famous quote of hers is "EVERY SINGLE ONE on my favorite Elite hearties started out as Greenies."

History of the Dream

  • 1st April 2007 ~ Creation of Dream Catchers
  • 30th April 2007 ~ Illustrious crew fame and top 10
  • 15th May 2007 ~ Creation of flag Fleet of Dreams
  • 3rd September 2007 ~ Crew with largest amount of members
  • 31st March 2008 ~ #1 crew of Sage (crew fame)


  1. Crew members are expected to treat other players with respect at all times. Harassment, swearing, and unsociable behaviour will not be tolerated. We have a ZERO DRAMA policy.
  2. Please don't ask for money. If you're short on funds, consider joining a pillage, or asking an officer to start one.
  3. Please don't beg to gun. The officer in charge will choose a gunner. Please feel free to mention if your gunning skill is master or above.
  4. While pillaging, please follow all directions from the officer in charge. Anyone disrupting the pillage may be removed from the vessel (regardless of rank)
    Please inform the officer if you need to leave the keyboard. If you are found inactive, or you fail to follow orders, you may be removed from the vessel.
  5. Do not board a ship that is at sea with only one pirate without asking permission. These vessels are often trading, memorizing routes, or relocating ships. You may be removed from the vessel immediately if you try to board.

Promotion requirements

Pirate: You must have broad or above experience in all 4 of these stations, bilge, carp (or patching), sails (or rigs), and guns, OR have master or above in gunning.

Officer: You must have solid or above in all 4 of these stations, bilge, carp (or patching), sails (or rigs), and guns, AND have at least narrow in battle navigation. Be aware that an officer badge will cost you 8 doubloons. (if you buy your badge ahead of time please buy a WRAPPED one so no days are wasted while waiting for your training) If you meet the requirements and have enough for your badge, contact any FO or higher for your promotion and training. Be PATIENT and understanding while waiting to be trained.

Please DO NOT ask to be promoted above officer.

Fleet officer positions are limited, and will be selected as needed. Only officers who have shown a consistently high level of dedication, integrity, and positive leadership will be invited to become a Fleet Officer.

Senior officer positions are offered only to the Fleet Officers that have been very active in the crew, and have shown exceptional leadership and dedication in helping the crew reach its goals. Senior officers have as much voting power as the captain.

(If you notice that an officer does NOT have the required stats, rest assured... they are an ALT of a pirate that DOES... and therefore DID earn their rank and have already completed OUR officer training also)