Depths Unknown

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Depths Unknown at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Bashak
Senior Officer(s) Chambras, Kryptonit, Pagani, Sfighter, Soful, Syemh
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Pink Floyd
Founded 21 November, 2010
Last updated on 11 September, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info

Depths Unknown is a crew on the Meridian Ocean.

Formerly of the flags Crazy Depths and Surreal Kiss.

Public Statement

Be the ordeal sharp or long, we shall seek no terms, we shall tolerate no parlay; We may show mercy - We shall ask for none HAVE FUN! ;)

Extended Public Statement

!!Join for the rules/events!! AND COOKIES !!

Abbreviations in the game can be confusing, so I'll go over them here.

SMH - Sea Monster Hunt

CI - Cursed Isle

HS - Haunted Sea

PTB - Permission to Board

OOB - Out of Battle

LS - Longship

WB - War Brig

MB - Merchant Brig

MG - Merchant Galleon

WF - War Frigate

GF - Grand Frigate

CP - Cabin Person

O - Officer

FO - Fleet Officer

SO - Senior Officer

O-T - Officer Test (comprised of battles won/lost ratio and overall ability to perform as an OIC on a sloop pillage)


You recieve reputation by participating in different parts of the game. Below are how to achieve the four types.

Conqueror - Earned by fighting brigand kings, defeating skellies and zombies, fighting (and sinking) other players' ships, blockading, attacking flotillas, and Imperial outpost expeditions.

Explorer - Earned by visiting the Atlantis Citadel, visiting the Cursed Isles, visiting the Haunted Seas Ship Graveyard, Completing expeditions, and traveling around the ocean.

Patron - Earned by hosting tournaments and event blockades, as well as participating in tournaments and bakeoffs.

Magnate - Earned by purchasing items and portraits, earning loot from sea monsters in Atlantis and ghosts in Haunted Seas, and opening chests from Cursed Isles.


FREE DAYS for non-badge holders

SUNDAY: Blacksmithing, Drinking, & Poker

MONDAY: Rumble, Spades, & Swordfighting

TUESDAY: Foraging, Hearts, & Treasure Drop

WEDNESDAY: Alchemistry, Drinking, & Hearts

THURSDAY: Rumble, Spades, & Swordfighting

FRIDAY: Distilling, Poker, & Treasure Drop

SATURDAY: Rumble, Shipwrightery, & Swordfighting


Ranks are pretty easy to achieve in this crew. Below are the requirements to achieve each rank.

Ranking Guide:

Cabin Person: Special Punishment :D

Pirate - You will recieve this rank upon joining the crew

MIDSHIPMAN - This is not a set rank, but a title of gaining authority. This has only one requirement - 2 broads+ in any piracy skills! (ask any Senior Officer to take you for the DREADED OFFICER TEST!)

Officer - You will recieve this rank by having 2 broads+ in Piracy Skills and completing the DREADED OFFICER TEST! Owning a vessel deed will automatically get you this rank but you must show the deed (no test required)

Fleet Officer - To obtain this rank you must have trust from the crew. You must have at least Apprentice in Battle Navigation. You also must have 4 solids+ and have completed the DREADED OFFICER TEST!

Senior Officer - Senior Officers are handpicked by the captain. They must be trusted and good pirates. ( We wont get anymore SO )

Captain - Be called (exactly this..) Bashak

Please note: Exceptions can be made by the captain or Senior Officers :P

!!Join for the rules/events!! AND COOKIES !!

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