Deadly Dragon

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Deadly Dragon at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Vicstie
Senior Officer(s) Silverjavel, Liderb
Politics Autocratic
Shares 90% Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Aphrodite's Scorn
Founded 1 May, 2012
Last updated on 27 January, 2013
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Deadly Dragon is a crew in the Meridian Ocean.

Pirate: Upon joining.
Officer: Broads in: Sails/Rigs, Carp, Bilg, Gunning - or something just as nice.
Fleet Officer: Showing commitment to the crew, good behaviour. Don't ask for this - it annoys me and I'm less likely to give it to you!
Senior Officer: If you get it: you get it; and if you don't: tough cookie.
Captain: There's only one captain place and I'm not going to give it up.
Crew rules
  1. Do not swear, argue, be disrespectful or talk about adult things in a public chat.
  2. Always ask Permission to Board (PTB) when wanting to board a ship. You do not know if they are doing selective jobbing if you jump on without premission.
  3. Have fun and respect others.
  4. always split KB with jobbers unless it is impossible (ported on an island that isnt buying it).
  5. Always unlock ships when using them (am fed up of being called on to one because the OIC has d/ced and its locked so I can't port it!)
  6. Don't abandon ships. I will find out and I will scream at you unless you have one hell of an excuse.
  7. Please check the officers board on ships when using them so you know what the owner would like the stock to be and where it should be left.
  8. Do not leave a ship that is not yours on a uninhabited island - it's very frustrating as it's not easy to get to them.

Break my rules?

I work on a three strikes system. One: warning. Two: demoted to cabin person. Three: asked to leave, if you do not I will expell you.

Have fun and don't let your inner dragon get too hungry!

Stalls: Liderb - IM Lima Vicstie - IM DN Gaztaseven - IM Lima/DN/TLM Crew Funds: Gifted Plaice on Lima. Feel Free to Donate ... it could end up being beneficial to you!