Damage Incorporated

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Damage Incorporated at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Kingnothing
Senior Officer(s)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation No Leaf Clover
Founded 25 March, 2008
Last updated on 16 April, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Damage Incorporated is a crew on the Meridian Ocean which is part of the flag No Leaf Clover.


Damage Incorporated was the expansion to the crew Damage Inc, both crews were founded and run by Kingnothing.

The highest rank in fame Damage Incorporated has achieved is number 3.

The crew Damage Inc Started back in June of 2007, The founder Kingnothing had just returned to the game after two years of playing under a different pirate. Kingnothing had only been back for a week before he took on the leadership position of a captain.

Kingnothing began advertising his crew immediately on the notice board and in Lima Inn. He then met his best friend and first mate on the game Oldschoolbro, after only being captain for one day. Kingnothing and Oldschoolbro began sailing the seas and meeting new friends by the names of Aubierama, Zajac, Landroval, and many more.

This was one of the climaxes for the crew, this was the time they reached 3rd in fame.

Months began passing by and times began to change as the crew began to lose its focus as many great friends and senior officers began to quit the game.

Aubierama was one of the first to quit the game, along with Kweene and many others. This began the sad times for Damage Inc.

After Kingnothing lost some of his closest friends and officers he began to search for new ones to help maintain his crew's powerful position.

Soon after, Kingnothing met Ovan, a great friend and officer who was King's first mate next to Oldschoolbro. Kingnothing then met Sageskelton along with Xkrissyx and Sexymawer.

Sageskelton and Kingnothing were great friends. Ovan began to fall away from the game due to personal issues going on in real life and Sage began to take Ovan's place as the new first mate. Sage & King were always pillaging and working hard together for the crew and themselves. Kingnothing taught Sage a lot of the things he learned over the years of playing the game.

After time went by King began to be affected by some things that were happening in his personal life and did some things to disrespect Sage without meaning too. Not too long after Sage left Damage Inc to start her own crew. Since then, Sage has become very politically involved with the ocean and flags and has even owned her own island. Sage and King still remain good friends on good terms.

Kingnothing and Oldschoolbro both decided to take some time off of their hard work for the crew and began building themselves up in certain puzzles and stats. Oldschoolbro reached the number one sword fighter while Kingnothing reached the number one drinker.

By this time Kingnothing's personal life was beginning to take a real toll on him and the way he treated people and played the game. King realized he needed some time to himself and decided to take a small absence from the game for a couple of months.

Kingnothing returned and he was better than ever!

2008- Early 2010

Kingnothing has found new friends and great officers to help Damage Incorporated to reach its full potential in what it wants to become. He has a wonderful girlfriend on the game and in real life, Cataclysmicx.

Oldschoolbro is semi-retired...returning every once in a while with his own crew.

Mid 2010-Present

Kingnothing re-united with old-time friend Shawe who used to be a Senior Officer

Public Statement

We chew and spit you out. We laugh, you scream and shout. All flee, with fear you run. You'll know just where we come from. Damage Incorporated.

Extended Public Statement

Ahoy mates! Damage Incorporated is always looking for new pirates to join the crew. All ranks are available from pirate all the way to senior officer. We love to pillage and sea monster hunt. If you have any questions about the crew or joining please contact Kingnothing or one of the officers online, thanks!

Promotion Requirements

  • Officer: As long as you have the badge we will try you out as an officer!
  • Fleet officer: This rank is easy to obtain as long as you show that your working hard in the crew. Pillaging and recruiting are the two main keys to getting this rank.
  • Senior officer: This rank is hand picked from Kingnothing as well as the fellow Senior Officers. The more loyalty and dedication you show towards the crew the easier this rank is to receive.