Cherry blossoms

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Cherry blossoms at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Mafu-West
Senior Officer(s) Falli, Hinako, Kikll, Meisan, Mie, Sasagaki, Vinsent
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Malachite's Spirit
Founded 10 May, 2009
Last updated on 13 November, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Cherry blossoms.jpg

Cherry blossoms is a crew on Meridian Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of The Malachite's Spirit.

The crew previously flew the flag What Is Written.

Public Statement

The fun is the world commonness

We're Japanese. Therefore there are a lot of people weak in English conversation. I think there are many cases that an answer is slow even if it's spoken to you. I'm sorry.

Crew rules
  1. Always ask Permission To Board (PTB) , before you get on board to the active ship.
  2. Don't ask someone to give or lend you some money

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