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Bpt is captain and tactician of the crew Radioactive and monarch of the flag Among The Ruin. He is an admiral in the Admiral Island Navy in the Gull Archipelago and proudly sails the Emerald Ocean.


Bpt started playing Puzzle Pirates because his friends sent him a recommendation. Bpt didn't know how to play the game. He joined a crew call seven deadly pies and he quickly rose to the rank of pirate. Then he stopped playing for a long time, then he rejoined the game and he found out all of his crew members either left the crew or became dormant. Bpt then decided to join another crew called island raiders. He rose to the rank of officer but then was expelled from the crew. Then he joined another crew who's captain was Wasa but Bpt doesn't remember the crew name. Then he met somebody named Partyking. Then Partyking left and created a crew so Bpt joined his crew but was expelled for no reason. In that crew Bpt made a friend named Shred. Bpt then created his own crew and Shred joined, this crew was named the destroyers of sage. Bpt made a mistake, he merged with a crew named blood diamonds but the captain's brother logged onto the captain's account and kicked Bpt out. and Bpt is currency in his crew named the destroyers of sage. Then Bpt and Cyrostix opened an ironworking stall on Wensleydale. Bpt is the owner and he is to this day happily enjoying Puzzle Pirates. Later he closed the stall. Bpt eventually disbanded his crew and is currently an officer in The Flower of Scotland.