Border Reivers

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Border Reivers at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Wallace
Senior Officer(s) Ana
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Blowin' in the Wind
Founded 7 October, 2007
Last updated on 26 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

Border Reivers is a crew on the Meridian Ocean in the Flag Blowin' in the Wind.

Public Statement

Wallace and Whitesatin welcome's you all to Border Reivers. A crew who love to pillage and plunder. We are recruiting active pirates of all ranks. Please NO FLAG INVITES.

Extended Public Statement

The country to the north and south of the border between England and Scotland was for centuries the battlefield between the two nations. The border country and its people suffered terribly as a consequence. Borderers were robbed and killed by both the English and Scottish armies, crops were burned and property was destroyed. Historians agree that these conditions bred the Reiver. Borderers learned to live by their own rules in order to survive; to take what they needed with disregard for laws and rules and to value kinship. The word "reive" means to rob or plunder.

Border Reivers are a crew who love to pillage and plunder so all are welcome to join just ask any Officer.

Border Reivers always had a strict code of conduct so here be a few rules to follow.

1) Be respectful to all members of the crew. No Cussing, Swearing or Begging.

2) Ask before you board any ship - type ( PTB then the ship name ) and wait for an answer from the OIC in charge of the pillage.

3) Do not leave during battles, ye may have your booty divide cut as a consequence.

4) All promtions are to be decided between Captain and Senior Officers.

5) NO STEALING, anyone caught stealing will be expelled from the crew and reported.


Cabin Person - This will be given as punishment.

Pirate - All who join will be given pirate within 24hrs or soon as possible.

Promotions to Officer and above will be based on loyalty and commitment to the crew.

Officer - Officer Badge and Broad / Dist in Carp, Sails, Bilge and Guns. Have experience in Duty Nav and Bnav. Do a training run with SO before taking pillages alone.

Fleet Officer - Officer Badge and as above with stats above Master and experience in taking pillages. This rank will be expected to run sloop pillages on a regular basis and moving onto larger ship pillages. As FO you will help with training runs for new Officer ranks and assist when ever possible. This rank is important to the crew as you will assist and bring on new recruits as well as Officers.

Senior Officer - Have full trust from Captain and SO's. As SO you will make decisions on a crew basis and if needed with consultation with the Captain. You will also take any new Officer on training runs and help them with Battle nav and the running of the ship in general during a pillage.

Captain - No Chance not available :)

Thanks all.

Wallace. Captain of Border Reivers.

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