Bohr's Ores

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Bohr's Ores
Right-facing Iron monger Bazaar on
Eta Island (Ruby Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Vova
Erected July 2004
Building-Cerulean-Bohr's Ores.png

Bohr's Ores is a right-facing iron monger bazaar on Eta Island. It was erected in July 2004 under the governance of the flag Silver Dawn. The deed holder is the current elected governor of Eta. Bohr's Ores continues the basic Eta Island naming scheme of scientific related terms or puns. This building was named after the physicist Niels Bohr.


Niels Bohr (1885-1962)

Born in Copenhagen, Bohr studied under Rutherford and expanded his theories of atomic structure. Bohr introduced the idea that electrons travel in orbits around the atom's nucleus, and that the chemical properties of the elements are determined by the number of electrons in the outer orbits. Bohr worked closely with Heisenberg in Copenhagen, and his work won the 1922 Nobel Prize in Physics. During World War II, he played a minor role in the Manhattan Project, which he claims he joined specifically because they didn't need his help, but it got him out of Europe. After the war, he returned to Copenhagen and became a proponant of nuclear energy.

The synthetic element Bohrium is named in his honor: Bohrium (Bh) has an atomic number of 107. Its most stable isotope, Bh-262, has a half-life of 102ms.