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Archived discussions preceding puzzle implementation

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Grand Crafting Puzzle Project Winner

Previous suggestions, predating the Grand Crafting Puzzle Project

  • Capt_Poco describes something like whack-a-mole. [1]
  • Stormydragon presents another idea based around the Lights Out puzzle, though some interesting ideas on modification are presented. [2]
  • Aquadrake brings another puzzle to the foreground, which actually seems to fit in both theme and originality! [3]
  • dolem brings about a rather unique idea, similar in movement to Popcap's "Tiptop". [4]
  • iwannacookie adds his own flavor to the mix, based around a peculiar swapping mode. Seems rather similar to Shipwrightery. [5]
  • JoeHawker brings Mavis Beacon to the piratin' world. [6]
  • MagiMaster strikes a discussion around hammering ingots. [7]
  • Koshmom drops an idea on the smelting of orestones. [8]
  • eavens2betsy swordfishes for responses, unfortunately was sent to Davy Jones's Locker for poll use. [9]
  • steelfeather gives us a variant on a traffic jam. [10]
  • Odlaw briefly expounds on the age-old whack-a-mole for an action-packed puzzle. [11]
  • himitsu brings forth a suggestion for a drop puzzle. [12]
  • ajbcool produces a 'purely' original puzzle. [13]
  • meta1415 forges ahead. [14]
  • Aenor masters minds. [15]
  • Kurisukun paints with some artistry. [16]
  • MrSwatworth moves pieces through tubes and rotating doors. [17]
  • Thespian hammers out a puzzle. [18]
  • Cooldragon combines bilging and shipwrightery. [19]
  • Mrswatworth marages a puzzle. [20]
  • Pogobeta forges together some triagular shapes. [21]
  • smurfsahoy hammers out a variant. [22]
  • Bullettime turns up the heat. [23]
  • Nordenx goes radial. [24]