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Black Legion at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Faisca
Senior Officer(s) Blueduck, Koruja
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation BIG LEGION
Founded 2 January, 2007
Last updated on 26 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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BLACK LEGION is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean that was founded on 2 January, 2007. The crew currently flies the flag of BIG LEGION.

Crew Articles

The Pirates Code

  1. RESPECT: Be nice to all crew members. Officers earned their position, pay them proper respect.
  2. WORK: If you don' t work while in Sea you will be forced to walk the plank and you won't receive any booty.
  3. SEA BATTLE: During sea battle never leave the ship and always Team

How to Team: You are attacking the pirate with a white border. Each dot on an enemy pirate represents one attacker. Make sure each enemy has 2-3 dots; no singles or fours. Click on a pirate to change targets.

Officers Rules

  1. Don´t leave vessels in uninhabited islands or abandoned at sea and never sail undermanned ships.
  2. Just give orders to the crew at vessel if you are the Officer in charge. Only pillage if you have plenty of time.
  3. Never take charts and money from a vessel without the Captain or the Vessel Holder permission.
  4. Always restock when we port. The Officer in charge is the responsible for the restock. After restock, if there is money in Ship`s Hold, you can take it.

Restock Levels


  • Sloop/20/50/0/0
  • Cutter/25/65/0/0
  • MB/65/0/85/0
  • WB/75/0/130/0
  • MG/110/0/0/160
  • WF/150/0/0/240
  • GF/200/0/0/300

Promotion Requirements

You have to prove your worth before moving up:

  • Jobbing Pirate to Cabin Person
  1. Ask an Officer aboard to make you Full Member.
  2. Your stats should be: 2 narrow and 2 neophyte.
  3. You don`t need a Pirate Badge.
  • Pirate to Fleet Officer
  1. Be trusted by the crew.
  2. Pass the Officer Test*
  3. Stats should be: Solid across the board and Master (or more) on Bnav.
  4. You need a Officer Badge too.

Officer Test: Pillage with a Sloop with 2 pirates aboard without lose more than a sea battle (Need to do 3 sea battles). Ask the Captain when you can do the test.

  • Fleet Officer to Senior Officer
  1. Senior officers positions are reserved for the best Officers available.
  2. Your stats should be: Weighty across the board and 4 (or more) Masters on Piracy.
  3. You should have a ship or stall.
  4. You need a Senior Officer Badge too.

Final Statement

Want to join this crew? Contact a Fleet Officer, Senior Officer or the Captain of crew.

Come make a Legend with us!