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Ashura is a cabin person of the crew Storm Rider's Of Sage and is a member of the flag Critical Mass. He is a lieutenant in the Admiral Island Navy in the Gull Archipelago. He sails the Sage Ocean.



Ashura first came to the Sage Ocean on April 23, 2008. On only is second pillage he was introduced to Cannoneer, the captain of Cruel Irony. Ashura asked to join and was accepted into the crew. Cruel Irony at that point was a new crew and only had a few members. After improving in skill, and showing loyalty to the crew, Ashura was promoted to fleet officer. He was trained by Zaj, a senior officer of the crew. The crew started to grow and become more widely known. Within only a few months though, Ashura decided to take a break. A month later he returned, only to find that his crew had fallen apart. Now he is an independent pirate.

Ashura lives in the cabins on Admiral Island with his pet rat, Shadow.