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Asatoth is a fleet officer in The Titans.


Asatoths real name is Johan and he lives in the south of Sweden, he is 15 years old. He has played PP since around summer/autumn of 2006.

The Oceans and Crews

Switching between oceans

He first started out on the Hunter Ocean and has travelled a bit through the oceans. Asatoth stopped on Sage after he found out that one of his firneds played PP and she invited him into a crew on that ocean. He becamse trusted pretty fast and was promoted to Senior Officer

The Time in Pirates Of The Caribbean

Asatoth was a short time in PoTC before switching to socialismo o muerte, nothing really happend in PoTC, he and Feliza then switched.

The Time In Socialismo o Muerte

Asatoth was a senior officer in socialismo o muerte untill some of the members go banned for various reasons. After that they were only three persons logging on in the crew. They later on kept playing under new accounts, fair and square. After a while they all switched to The Titans.

The Time in The Titans

After a few good words from Ungjaevel (Feliza) he became a fleet officer. He has switched between logging on and going dormant because his computer has been weird and wouldnt let him play.

Notable Quotes

  • "Do not drink yellow water"

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