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Anarchy at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Desertfox (Left Flag) of Double Dubs (Merged with Perilous Puppets)
Member crew(s) Dark Sea Raiders, Double Dubs, Dukes of the House, Serpent Lords
Organization Democratic via Forums
Dormant or disbanded as of 04 August, 2006

Anarchy is a flag on the retired Sage Ocean.


Anarchy was formed by Dewdlebug on October 26, 2005, on the retired Sage Ocean. Pamina of The Three Musketeers left the flag and formed All for One in late December. On January 23, 2006, Tilinka was crowned queen of Anarchy. On May 7th, 2006, Nikolaas stole the crown from Tilinka, after beating her at countless carousing puzzles, and "killing" her. He also managed to "wipe out" some of the royalty. Perilous Puppets and Malignant Marionettes left the flag on May 11, 2006, to start a war against each other. Desertfox then became monarch and is currently ruling over Anarchy.

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