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Aerocool started puzzling in April of 2006, primarily on the Sage Ocean.


  • Is an Officer and Cook in the crew The Sea Hawks
  • Member in the flag The Sea Eagles
  • On the Sage Ocean
  • Lives on Admiral Island (Sage), in the Gull Archipelago


  • Became an Officer in The Sea Hawks on December 30, 2006
  • Became Lieutenant Commander in the Navy (Awarded a green pair o' boots) - Thu, Oct 12, 2006
  • Became Lieutenant in the Navy (Awarded green pants) - Fri, Sept 8, 2006


Aerocool started out playing Puzzle Pirates because he was in search of a fun, interesting, and challenging MMORPG. He first began on the Viridian Ocean, but when several of his friends started playing, he switched to Sage. (That's where they started.) Some of his best friends (in real life) play Puzzle Pirates. On Sage: Sirjon, Gbsbikey, & Busybee. On Hunter: Sigruad.

His beige rat, Garfield, was replaced as his walking pet by Snowy, the dog, on Dec 12, 2006. Unfortunantly, Snowy was soon sold to fund the purchase of Aerocool's first ship, a sloop; The Active Sardine.

Aerocool enjoys Rumble and Alchemistry.