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Adrianlee joined several crews from the day he joined Puzzle Pirates (March, 2008). He liked being in Qreatin's crew The Depraved and made loads of friends like Maximillian, Fanta, Gutsgartners, Porcha, Seaofire, Qreatin, Reese etc.

History & Hobbies

He was an officer in the crew although he had low stats then the building up began but slightly. He liked pillying and SMH and collecting Trophies. The crew was very helpful to him and he liked them and became very good friends with Gutsgartners. He bought his own Sloop and helped Gutsgartner with pillying (giving her charts, Officer Bulletin Board information and restocking).

He was very good at bilging and nothing else but he liked bnaving but not very good. He isnt rich but isnt poor around 10-20k. He joined The Dominating Donkeys on 20th April 2008 and was ranked FO but wants to join back "Soverign Darkness" or "The Depraved" or wants to join "The Super Heroes"

He likes Pillying, SMH and his dream is to be super rich around 300,000,000,000PoE and have loads of boats and have a crew. He also likes Gutsgartners because she respects him.

Would like to join a good crew and be Officer or Fleet Officer waiting to join new crew but now staying in "The Dominating Donkeys"