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Acrolo is a pirate on the Emerald Ocean. He is currently the Senior Officer of the crew Rowdyz and member of the flag No Return having merged his rather successful crew Kraken Hunters with them. After a recent return from bankruptcy as a result of too much pokering, he has become a renowned Kraken hunter and spends most of his time manoeuvring through vicious tentacles and stealing eggs from the cranky kraken mother monster.


Before the mass merging of oceans, Acrolo hailed from the Sage ocean where he puzzled, and pirated for years on end as a Fleet Officer in the crew Poseidon's Tricorne. He would regularly go out on sea monster hunts and cursed isle trips to make enough PoE to feed his severe poker addiction which at times left him well off, or at most times just plain broke. He was especially crafted in fixing ships at sea and Carpentry has always been his strongest ability having reached #2 best Carpenter on the Sage ocean before the merger took place. After losing his whole Manor on the Admiral island where he still currently resides and all that went with it, he slipped into obscurity for a period of time before overcoming his addiction to gambling and taking up the helm of his Alice sloop to succeed once more as a true peg-legged, patched-up pirate, Yarr!