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Geena sails the Midnight Ocean and lately the Jade Ocean.


Geena was born on Spring Island on December 3, 2005. She started doing the navy missions and decided she liked to be at sea. Very soon she joined the crew Poe Seekers; where she started learning the ropes and made some friendships. Then her dear hearties: Arrargh and Marici decided to start their own crew, Don't ask to port, and Geena, her sister Madresselva and some hearties joined them on January 2006.

After some time, the gang: Geena, Madresselva, Ravenmoon and Jibmaster decided to start a new crew, Six Pounders on August 20, 2006. Pretty soon the crew had grown to be a fun and successful environment for pirates to grow and pillage ´till they dropped, taking us to the #1 spot in crew fame and several top spots for our bnavers.

On May 2007 and due to real life commitments, Geena stepped down from captaincy of the crew, becoming senior officer.

After a year hiatus, Geena came back to sail the oceans of Midnight, pillaging and plundering on any of her favorite Tigerfish ships or the treasured Euphoric White Death, a birthday gift from her sweetheart. Very soon climbed the ladder of Bnav, being one of the first pirates to obtain the coveted ultimate bnaver and very soon after #1 bnaver in the ocean.

She then decided to buy cute Applecheese from a heartie and soon after got Octavio for Valentine's day. Some time after, trying to expand her piratific horizons, acquired the shipyard shoppe Strawberry Keels Forever on Papaya Island.

Rumor has it that now ye may find this pirate exploring the uncharted waters of the Jade Ocean.