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E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

The Grand Unmasking
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Players each get 25 guess from a list of names and try to find out who the real om's are.elimination rounds.who gets it correct moves up to the next round and so on.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience everyone Elapsed time 1-2 hours
Unit of Entry individual entries Participant Time anywhere from 5 minutes to the whole thing
Expected Participation 50+ Judging Time 1 minute
Platform all the inns in the viridian it shall be in the tournaments


Event Description

say they put up hypnos.they put up several usernames and one of which is the real one.


who got it correct and maybe if possible the fasest


first place a portrait with ur favourite om.2nd an Om doll as a trinket.3rd place if possible an autogrph from an om if not a cleaver.fromthere it goes with ribbons

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

OM Assistance

judges and referee's,items majiked up,and also broadcasting for when the next matche starts

Workshop Coaching

cheating.Some players who know the names should be excluded.maybe not enough space and lag times.


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none but certain runescape events wouldn't have happened with out me.