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Revelation at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Robintx of Mystical Sirens
Member crew(s) Bandits of the Seas, Eleven, Eternal Pleasure, Greek Fire, Navis Aura, Migode's Rath, Mystical Sirens
Dormant or disbanded as of 5 March, 2007

Revelation was started by Dopefish, a Co-Captain of Rolling Thunder. A few days after Revelation was created, Mayhem joined it after leaving Dreaded Dream Makers. Kcaz right away boosted to Royalty as did Bananna. Then Three other crews went onto joining Revelation, Romanian dream, Mystical Sirens , and Seventh Dimension. Revelation was made on February 16th 2006.

However, when Revelation lost at Harmattan, the founding crew Rolling Thunder had split up quite a bit. Former captain Sputty, and several other Senior Officers left. Revelation had never really gotten back to it's strongest point. However, later Requiem agreed they would transer Cochineal Island to Revelation if Revelation offered enough support in the first Napi Peak blockade. Requiem won, and Revelation got Cochineal for 500k, Dopefish payed for it all. A while later after getting Cochineal, Sputty and his crew rejoined Rolling Thunder. Soon after though, Dope had pretty much quit the game, and Robintx was made the new monarch. After that, Rolling Thunder started having conflicts with Revelation. Sometime afterwards they left to join a new flag. The other crews of Revelation also left, and now 2 small crews are left in it.

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