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This user used to be an administrator of the YPPedia, but is now a humble player once again. Please contact one of the player administrators or use the YPPedia Community forum if you require admin magic!

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About Therobotdude
Therobotdude is a keen Puzzle Pirates player of 16 years, and was an active greeter (remember those?), who has taken to the YPPedia to fill a few gaps of missing knowledge in articles. Therobotdude is crazy about robots but regrettably has absolutely no graphic design ability whatsoever. (Who would've guessed?)

His goals are to upgrade the useful bits of the wiki to 3rd person ("3P") and to reorganise commonly linked-to articles which have grown a bit untidy over the years. (While it's nice to have building/crew/flag pages that are up to date and a massive index of all known trinkets and portrait items, the core pages - puzzles and game mechanisms in particular - still need looking after too!)

Therobotdude hopes that eventually his editing and technical knowledge of the game will pay off, and that greeters will find the answers they are looking for on their first search hit.

Therobotdude's to-do list
These are a few pages that Therobotdude reckons could do with a bit of improvement. While it is mainly used for personal reference, eager editors are more than welcome to use this list to get ideas about what to do next. Feel free to chuck ideas, comments etc at Therobotdude's talk page or just edit this directly. NB: this list might end up relocating to a relevant forum thread at some point.