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Sharktailz started playing Puzzle Pirates in February of 2008. He can be found as the pirate Sharktail on the Sage Ocean.

Puzzle Pirate Code

!A, L, SK+, Zm-, Ult--, D--, DT, C++, P-, Cp-, Sa, Gu+++, N, TH:@, Sw?, R-, Al++, BS+++, SF, Rm+, Dr--, TD+++, SpR?, SpN-, Ht?, Bn-, X+:+:+, B$, Fl!, BK+, Atl+++, Def+:+, Cit*, AtlB--, Sh++, Pt+, $-, Cl+, F++, GD++, FA-, Wki++++, Scr+, Bx, Ice+