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YPPedia User/Contributor Info

User Info:

  • User Nordenx goes by the piratey name "Nordenx" in-game and sails the Viridian Ocean.
  • Pirate Nordenx is the man behind the Captain of the crew Anak Bathala created 07/12/06.
  • Languages: Fluent in English and Filipino (Tagalog); understands basic Spanish.
  • Started playing YPP on June 2006.

YPPedia Projects

Personal priority pages started and volunteered to watch and maintain:

YPP Player/Character Info

Pirate Info:

See: Nordenx - Available in all oceans but the main account is on Viridian.

Software & Game Development Related Skills and Experience

Game Development/Design

  • experienced level/map/stage creator for a couple of First Person Shooter (FPS) games/game modifications (MOD) - Half Life (HL), Day of Defeat(DoD), Counter-Strike(CS), Battlefield 1942(BF42), Desert Combat(DC), etc.
  • created 3D vehicle models and scripted them into working player controlled vehicles in-game.
  • created 3D static models and scripted them into placed them in maps/game levels.
  • worked with several 3D game level design tools or mapping tools.
  • created most of his model's textures from scratch.
  • coded nav points, flag points, mission points, bots, and most game mechanics etc.
  • created small applications or 3rd Party Tool for editing games such as - Empire Earth (EE)'s multiplayer game maps.
  • created "Forum Chess" - a small app/tool that allows people to play chess in forums.
  • Nordenx has a hobby MMORPG that he created using the PlayerWorlds engine - Anak Bathala



  • Visual Basic - Advanced
  • DHTML - Advanced
  • XML - Novice
  • HTML - Expert
  • VB Script - Novice
  • Flash Script - Beginner
  • Micromedia Flash - Novice
  • Java Script - Beginner
  • Java - Beginner
  • C++ - Novice
  • SQL - Novice
  • Angel Script - Novice

Programming Experience

  • see "Game Development/Design" above
  • In 2001, Nordenx co-founded and operated a small business IT company where we developed software and websites for other small businesses. We successfully implemented Point of Sales (POS) software and Data Management software to local casinos in Southern California.

Artist (Digital Art)


  • Digital - Photo Manipulation
  • Digital - Anime Style Cell Shading
  • Digital - 3D modeling
  • Digital - Composite Rendering & Editing
  • Digital - Line Art / Vector
  • Traditional - Clay Modeling/Sculpting
  • Traditional - Oil Painting
  • Traditional - Charcoal
  • Traditional - pen/pencil/ink
  • Traditional - Water color/ Acrylics
  • Traditional - Wood Carving/Sculpting

Digital Tools

  • 3DSMax
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Painter
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Macromedia Flash MX
  • Wacom Tablet


  • Associate's Degree in Computer Network Systems Technology
  • Associates's Degree in Computer Science