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I release all of my contributions to YPPedia, including everything on this user page and all of its subpages, into the public domain. Hence, if you want to use this page's design, or even just the links header design at the top, you are very welcome to do so.
Me, on a not so good day

About Me

Ahoy. I'm Kinocha, an SO in Black Plague on Viridian. I'm also found on the other oceans but not very much. I started playing in February 2005.

Outside the game I work in a supermarket, and are going to study economy and administration this autum. I also love fantasy books, and the ones I'm currently addicted to are The Wheel of Time series and Raymond E. Feist's books about Midkemia and Kelewan.

Another thing about me is that I got Dyspraxia. In regards to this game, it means that I (in a bad period) have problems doing the puzzles. In thise times I'm normally found in a inn somewhere on Viridian, or on the docks, just tarting away.

Check out my portrait gallery.

Wiki Contributions

For a full list, see this page.
  • I've made some crew/flag pages. Mostly in the IDLDarea.
  • Unimportant stuff.

Current projects

  • The cleanup pages. Adding templates mostly
  • Translating some of the pages to Norwegian. Currently on the Starting out page.
  • Learning to wiki properly

Both the page framework and layout courtesy of Yaten. Takk!