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I'm Evilvin of Midnight, Cobalt, Viridian, and Ice. (though I usually only play on Midnight.) On Midnight I'm a Fleet Officer in Good Omens.

Formally Evil Vin was Bait of Red Dawn, and Lord of the flag Midnight Armada.

I'm a pretty average pirate, I own a few ships and was once the owner of a pair of top black rags, (which I won in an art contest in that Artemis/Magog Saga). Usually you'll find me in my Red Captain's Jacket and Red Captain's Hat. My play times vary but are usually random appearances from 5PM - 5 AM EST. On the Puzzle Pirates Forums I generally lurk around.

Wiki Experience

I'm pretty new to editing Wiki's; this being my first one, but I've read Wikipedia for awhile.

Contact and External Links

You can reach me at AT gmail DOT com, send me a PM here on the Puzzle Pirates Forum, or edit my Talk Page