Titan's Rebirth

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Titan's Rebirth at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Texasborn
Senior Officer(s) Archnis, Arhrg, Bodnark, Islewar, Knottplanky, Pirateaddict, Reunited, Tazmanian
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Golden Destiny
Founded 12 April, 2010
Last updated on 14 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Titan's Rebirth is a fairly new crew who sails on Emerald Ocean under the flag of Golden Destiny.


Titan's Rebirth was founded on 12 April, 2010 by Titansfan. After some time and much deliberation, Texasborn took over.

Public statement

Ahoy! We be recruiting!

Extended public statement

Crew colors are green and whatever looks good with it :)


Cabin Person: Reserved for punishment. If you find yourself with this rank, it’s not good.

Pirate: Just ask, it’s yours

Officer: I want solids and broads in the ship duty puzzles. (Sail or rig) (no dnav required) I will not make bnav a requirement for O, but you can not run pillies until your bnav is solid and you've been through our training. (There will now be a 30 day probation period for all new officers)

Fleet Officer: Must have crew loyalty and trust.

Senior Officer: This will be given when I feel you are ready. Leadership is very important. As an SO, you are my eyes and ears when I’m not online.

Crew articles

1. Remember ~ NO BLUE SHIPS. This will bring out the black ship and it can't be beat. You will lose everything.

2. Remember to be polite to others. Sure you can PvP them, but be respectful when you do.

3. Restock the ships you use to the levels they were at.

4. Let's keep the chat clean, please.

5. Obviosly no stealing, scamming, or begging.

6. Only FOs and higher may lead WB pillages.

7. Please remember to ask to board a sloop before hopping on. PTB is what it's called.

8. When you hop on a ship that another officer is in charge of, please DO NOT touch any buttons and always be ready to station. :)

9. Please be sure to sell KB and add it to the booty before you divide at the end.

10. There will be no random planking.

Helpful things to know

Crew house: The Crew Hall is on Sayers Rock and open to all crew members. Sloop_pillaging_guide


To figure out what Pirate Time is for you, type /info

Crew stalls/shops

Texasborn's Ironworking stall ~ Hubble's Eye

Texasborn's Ironworking stall ~ Sayers Rock

Handcrafted ~ Sayers Rock

Texasborn's Weaving stall ~ Doyle

For information on any of this, contact Texasborn or Reunited

External links

Flag Forums ~ Crew Forum

Look for the section that says Titans Rebirth. That is the crew's section.

Please join the forums with your pirate name.